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Refereed Publications and Manuscripts Under Review:
Chapman, D. A., Corner, A., Webster, R., & Markowitz, E. M. (2016). Climate visuals: A mixed-methods investigation of public perceptions of climate images in three countries. Global Environmental Change, 14, 172-182. (link)

Chapman, D. A.*, Gagne, T.O.*, Ovitz, K. L., Griffin, L. P., Danylchuk, A. J., & Markowitz, E. (2018). Modeling recreational anglers’ sanctioning behaviors in a remote and growing catch-and-release fishery for golden dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) in Salta, Argentina. Human Dimensions of Wildlife* Shared first authorship, lead authors listed in alphabetical order

Chapman, D. A., Guckian, M., Lickel, B., & Markowitz, E. M. (under review). Interactive effects of social identities on owners’ responses to the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Chapman, D. A., & Lickel, B. (2016). Climate change and disasters: how framing affects justifications for giving or withholding aid to disaster victims. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 7(1), 13-20. (link)

Chapman, D. A., Lickel, B., & Markowitz, E. M. (2017). Reassessing emotion in climate change communication. Nature Climate Change, 7, 850-852.

Guckian, M. L., Chapman, D. A., Lickel, B., & Markowitz, E. M. (2017). “A few bad apples” or “rotten to the core”: perceptions of corporate culture drive brand engagement after corporate scandal.  Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

Markowitz, E. M., Chapman, D. A., Guckian, M. L., & Lickel, B. (2017). A corporate scandal that hits close to home: examining owners’ responses to the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. Environmental Communication, 11(6), 740-755.

Milman, A., Warner, B. P., Chapman, D. A., Gianotti Short, A. G. (2017). Indentifying and quantifying landowner perspectives on integrated flood risk management. Journal of Flood Risk Management. 

Wang, S., Corner, A., Chapman, D. A., & Markowitz, E. (2018). Public engagement with climate change imagery in a changing digital landscape. WIREs Climate Change.

Book Chapters:

Chapman, D. A., Trott, C. D., Silka, L., Lickel, B., & Clayton, S. (accepted, 2017). Psychological perspectives on community resilience and climate change: insights and directions for future research.

Other Publications:

Chapman, D. A. (August, 2015). Climate change and disasters: how framing affects justifications for giving or withholding aid to disaster victims. SPSP Character and Context Blog, guest post. Available at:

Clayton, S., Silka, L., & Trott, C. D., Chapman, D. A., & Mancoll, S. (December, 2016). Building Resilient Communities in the Face of Climate Change: A Resource for Local Communities. Report commissioned by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. Available at:

Corner, A., Webster, R. & Teriete, C. (2015). Climate visuals: seven principles for visual climate change communication (based on international social research). Oxford: Climate Outreach. (Credited as a contributing author). Available at: